DNA Xperts Laboratory

DNA Xperts Private Limited is a Super-specialised Genetic Innovation company situated in Delhi, India. DNA Xperts Lab strives to become the preferred Clinical Diagnostic services provider & Genetic Research services provider in entire country.

At DNA Xperts we’re leveraging our unique expertise in Biology, Genetics & Next Generation sequencing and analysis to better understand human disease, plant productivity, Animal Breeding & Microbes. With our Intellectual capital, Collaborative spirit and solution driven approach we work for the future of Healthcare Diagnostics, Agri & Veterinary Genetics & microbial diagnostics.

Our test menu  includes Whole Genome, Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment,   Carrier Screening, Pharmacogenomics & Personalized Medicine, Cardiomyopathy Whole Exome, 16s Metagenome & RNA Sequencing for precision treatment of tumors, Infectious Genetic and testing for Rare Diseases.  Disease panels are custom designed for both research collaborators and clinical diagnostics.

Test results for genetic diagnoses and risk assessment using NGS & SNP Genotyping technologies have resulted in publications in highly reputable rseearch journals including Nature Scientific Reports; indication of the quality Next Generation Sequencing & Bioinformatics Analysis services provided by DNA XPerts

Our Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory is NABH accredited & PC-PNDT licensed genetic laboratory & genetic counselling centres.